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Keep this save! It is my whole life! – The Play

The performance shows the audience a human being who makes use of her creative talent to find a mode of expression and to save herself - from herself. This solo performance by Joanne Gläsel is a timeless play about art as a means of survival.

France, 1940: a bare hotel room on the Côte d’ Azur near Nice. Berlin-born painter Charlotte Salomon has gone into hiding to escape Nazi persecution. Now she must choose between going insane and killing herself, like so many members of her family before her, or facing what life has done to her and turned her into.

Family history and contemporary political events pass through Charlotte´s mind. Scenes from her childhood and youth in the Berlin of the 1920s and 1930s are taking shape on paper as she paints, relating anecdotes from her happy childhood, recalling her admired stepmother, the love of her life, her escape. By telling these stories, she in turn becomes all the characters in the story of her life.

  Take good care of this! This is my entire life! 


Produced by Joanne Gläsel in cooperation with the Jewish Museum Berlin with special support from the Charlotte Salomon Foundation© and the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam.

© Photo: Wolfgang Hilse

Solo performance by Joanne Gläsel

World premiere:
Saturday, 1 September 2007 | 7:30 p.m.
Jewish Museum, Berlin | concert hall